The home straight…

A fantastic and worthwhile experience

When the opportunity presented itself to apply for I’m a Scientist Get me Out of Here, I was a bit apprehensive… don’t get me wrong, I saw it as an innovative way to promote Forensics21 and the NPIA as a whole; but I never saw myself as the appropriate candidate…. Luckily for me, my managers did.

The agency continually delivers excellent pieces of work for the police forces of England and Wales, even though its future is now limited, and has always endorsed initiatives that allow us to interact with the public and spread a positive message of crime prevention… so I was pleased to do something that would go some way to achieve this goal.

I did however underestimate what taking part would mean to me personally.  The organisers and moderators have been fantastically helpful, the children have been amazing with their variety of questions… but most of all, the other scientists have been incredible.  You start to get to know scientists from the other zones via Twitter and you develop quite a bond with the scientists within your own zone, especially within the chat environment.  You quickly forget that its a competition and help each other in getting the best answers to the questions that you can.

It then hits you on the second week, when the evictions start, what you have let yourself in for.  We were quite lucky on the Forensic Zone that we didn’t encounter a forced eviction until the Thursday.  This meant we could all take part in all of the scheduled chats.

I have now learned that I am in the final two with Anthropologist Anna.  I feel absolutely honoured to be in this position, as it means that I have fulfilled in my mission to engage with the children, so winning would just be a bonus now.

Good luck to all the remaining scientists for tomorrows finale!!

Also the organisers have started to accept registrations for future events, so I would thoroughly recommend that scientists from any discipline to get involved; learn new things about other subjects and yourself; and make new contacts and friends.  CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS

They are also looking for new schools to get involved, so if you are a teacher or know of any who would like to take part in the event.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS